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Print Manager

Reports To: VP Manufacturing

Back-up Position: VP Manufacturing

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Operate a Safe workplace for employees, and insuring compliance with food safety requirement while optimizing department productivity, quality and material yield (waste).

  • Direct a professional, high quality printing process by identifying the process for each job, document it and assign task accordingly.

  • Direct and Manage the Pre-Press (Plate Inventory and Mounting & Ink), Press and Ink production operations in accordance with plant policies and procedures.

  • Align the day-to-day work of the printing team with production benchmarks.

  • Train and manage the printing team.

  • Prepare data and analysis on the business unit for weekly performance management meeting.

  • Optimize internal processes and minimize data entry.

  • Work in collaboration with the Graphics team on graphics and plate related matters.

  • Assist team as required to maximize the output of the printing team.

  • Complete associate performance reviews in a timely manner.

  • Review all invoices of supplies used by the print team, to ensure minimal expenses.

  • Manage the hiring process of all Printing Team members.

  • Work in collaboration with the Engineering/Maintenance Manager to coordinate all prevent maintenance events and routine repairs.

  • Manage manpower requirements of the department to meet production demand.

  • Communicate and maintain all printing related Key Performance Indicators at all levels with the facility.

  • Review all CAPAs, Material Holds, Complaints, and Deviations with the printing department on a regular basis.

  • Lead non-conformance investigations and implement corrective actions that are related to printing department.

  • Ensure documentation and controls are appropriate for customers, organization, SQF and any additional required audits.

  • Attend printing trial production runs when required.

  • Develop and review operational instructions and make recommendations to management to improve efficiency.

  • Actively participate in the morning production meeting/walk in a positive manner.

  • Preform additional task as requested.

SQF/Food Safety Responsibilities

  • Assure compliance with all SQF Procedure requirements.

  • Assure compliance with all GMP requirements.

  • Assure compliance with all 5S procedures and requirements.

  • Assure all products are manufactured in a safe, quality manner.

  • Assure compliance with all customer specifications.

  • Promote and enforce compliance with all employees.

Job Requirements

Applicants must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Communicate orally and/or in writing, to other departments

  • Meet or exceed customer expectations

  • Ensure the training of other operators on essential job functions

  • Perform housekeeping duties as needed to maintain a safe and orderly work environment

  • Be able to lift, push/pull 45 lbs.

  • Be able to stand for prolonged periods

  • Must be able to walk up and downstairs

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