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Consistency, Market Impact, Prepress Expertise, and Quick Turnaround make Overwraps Graphics the best choice for your Prepress packaging needs! Overwraps has an in-house team of designers for your prepress and creative needs. Our diverse and talented staff works with your marketing team to ensure graphics are designed for printability and consistent quality. Your designs will be set up and separated for optimum output. 


Overwraps utilizes the latest advances in print technology and graphics. Our new Esko Crystal Screening system optimizes our HD printing and extended gamut capability to ensure crisp, clear photographic quality packaging. These capabilities allow for efficient and cost-effective ways to respond to tight deadlines and complex graphics. We respond to short lead times with fast turnaround.

Graphics & Pre-Press

Solutions for All of your Packaging Needs

Our Difference


• Packaging Award-Winning Designers on Staff

• Account Representatives in Art to help ensure your Branding is maintained the way you intend.

- Brand requirement and consistencies are met

- Brand Legend is established and maintained

- Color consistencies across skus and better runs

- Final Art is accessible to client

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