Our Products

We have an expansive list of capabilities enabling us to deliver the best quality and most effective flexographic packaging solutions for your specific application.

Our full-service staff can guide you in envisioning your packaging needs

to fulfilling your packaging needs.


Roll Stock

• Multi-layer structures engineered for

• Solvent-less adhesive laminations

• Flow wrap packaging used in form,

high-performance packaging

fill & seal

applications (vertical VFFS

and horizontal HFFS)

• 10-color high-resolution printing

• Impeccable quality graphics using

• Customized film coefficient of friction

reverse or

surface printing



Premade Bags

• Stand Up Pouches (SUP)

• Quad Seal Bags

• Fold-Over-Glue Bottom Bags

• 2 – 3 Side Sealed Pouches

• Produce Bags

Screen Shot 2021-04-03 at 4.00.05 PM.png


• Press-to-Close™ Zipper Locks

• Inno-Lok® Front Panel Zip Lock for


• EASYLOCK by Aplix®


• Laser Scoring / Tear Notches

• Perforations

• Registered over-lacquer varnish

• Hot Needle

• Die Cut Handles / Hanger Holes