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Introducing EcoFlex

Overwraps Flexibles has launched EcoFlex™ the first of many eco-friendly solutions to come. This high barrier polyolefin packaging is 100% recyclable under store-take-back programs and it is available in both roll stock and bags. Consumers and governments worldwide are demanding more sustainable packaging to achieve the goals of a circular economy. Brand owners looking to grow their business cannot afford to sacrifice graphics or a reduction in packaging performance. EcoFlex™ is a sustainable solution suitable for the most demanding of applications.

Trees From Above

Our Commitment
to You

As your partner and supplier, Overwraps is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our operations through initiatives that include reducing our carbon footprint, employee engagement, and developing sustainable packaging solutions to meet the goals of our customers.

 Our company has made an investment in equipment and processes to reduce our carbon footprint. We have installed dryers on our printing presses that reduced natural gas consumption by 30%.  Each printing press integrates a dedicated regenerative thermal oxidizer to perform at optimal efficiency in destroying VOCs and emissions saving 70% of gas consumption required by traditional oxidizer designs. 


Sustainability Improvements in Operations

In 2020, we installed a new press, one of the first of its kind on U.S. soil, that is designed to increase drying capacity by 50% with no increase in power costs to operate it.


Further advances in energy consumption have been realized when our company invested in LED lighting throughout the entire operation saving an estimated 60% in electricity.

Overwraps operates a maximum efficient climate-controlled facility to protect its people, products and processes. The design to accomplish this included the installation of high rated R-value ceiling insulation and strategically placed air conditioning throughout the facilities. 


Our company was one of the first converters in the USA to invest in a state-of-the-art chill water filtration system that is designed to improve the water quality leading to all equipment and require less energy to cool components.  


Materials source reduction has been a priority of Overwraps throughout the years. Our printing presses are equipped with onboard computer technology and a camera system that has allowed us to reduce waste by 60% over the past five years. What little scrap we do generate is segregated and recycled.


Recycling Bottles


Post-Consumer Plastics (PCR)




(Ready for Store

Drop-Off Programs)


Mineral Film

(55% Less Plastic)




(PLA, PHA, Paper)

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