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Solutions for all of your Packaging Needs

Flexible packaging created at Overwraps is not limited to only a few market segments. We are constantly innovating to keep pace with shifting consumer preferences for flexibles in multiple markets. We are proud that our resources afford us the opportunity to be a supplier in the value chain of many markets, and we invite you to give us a call to learn how we can help you. Here we identify markets that represent the larger parts of our present customer mix:

At the Grocery Shop

Retail Food

  • Snack Foods

  • Bakery

  • Fruits & Nuts

  • Candy & Confections

  • Rice & Beans

  • Flour & Mixes

  • Frozen Foods

Pet Food

• Small & Large Format Kibble

• Treats

• Hygiene Products

• Chubs

Golden Retriever

Fresh Produce

• Modified Atmosphere Packaging

• Steam Bags

• Flat, Doyen, K-Seal Totes

Medical and Industrial

• Printed Face Mask Material

• Gel Packs

• Epsom Salts

• Desiccants

• Medical Procedure Parts

Medical Professional

Lawn and Garden

• Plant Food & Fertilizer

• Seed

• Pesticide & Herbicide


• Fractional Packs

• Bags & Pouches

• Lidding Film

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