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Quality Assurance

SQF Food Safety Code for Food
Packaging Manufacturing
SQF Food Safety Code for Quality

Overwraps Flexibles is committed to producing quality food-grade packaging, earning the highest Safe Quality Food (SQF) Safety and Quality Certification annually, since 2011. We adhere to all industry Quality Assurance Principles and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP's), ensuring we meet or exceed customer expectations in all the products we supply. Our team of highly trained and motivated associates works daily to deliver the highest quality products to our customers.

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Our GMP's

Our GMP's defined as programs pursued in our facilities by our highly trained associates. They include:

• Team member safety

• Pest Control

• Sanitation Control

• Chemical Control

• Allergens Control

• Foreign Matter Control

• Preventative Maintenance on Equipment

Our SQF System

Our SQF System is audited annually by an independent third party to verify its effectiveness. In addition, we complete regular internal audit inspections to ensure our systems continue to work effectively, using state-of-the-art processing equipment. Our internal processes involve:

• Internal Audits

• Corrective Actions Reports

• Preventative Actions Reports

• Product Identification, Tracing, and Recall

• Documentation Control

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