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Plate Production Coordinator

Reports To: Printing Manager

Back-up Position: Plate Mounter


Essential Duties













SQF / Food Safety Responsibilities


•  Promptly report any Safety issues and/or concerns
•  Read and assures job jackets are accurate and complete correctly
•  Attends daily Production and Scheduling Meetings
•  Orders and maintains plate inventory levels on all active graphics needed for Scheduling the Mounting/Press   

•  Assist in gathering all facts and samples for orders pulled for a potential graphics or plate issue
•  Proofread and verifies the correctness of all copy on plates before mounting/printing
•  Work with graphic designers to make sure all aspects of the package design are correct (stagger, microdots, etc.)
•  Work with internal team (Graphics, Scheduling, Mounting, Press) to assure customer needs are met in a timely and    
accurate manner.
•  Orders remakes and new plates through the MES System
•  Works closely with press crew team members, shift supervisor, and management for any related scheduling  

    concerns that may arise
•  Be available to cover absences within the Press Department as requested by management.
•  Prepares monthly report of plate counts/inventory/remake request/plate issues or Printing Manager
•  Complete tasks assigned by the leadership team

•  Assure compliance with all SQF Procedure requirements
•  Assure compliance with all GMP requirements
•  Assure all products are manufactured in a safe, quality manner
•  Assure compliance with all customer graphic specifications
•  Promote compliance with all employees

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