Ink Technician/Adjuster

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Makes inks according to the daily production schedule.

  • Reads entire job ticket for information required for the set up and running of production order.

  • Assist the press operator and press assistant during changeovers by assuring that the decks are being washed down correctly and the inks are being properly saved and labeled for return to inventory. Return inks to inventory.

  • Adjust inks to design expectations, measure color using Xrite spectrodensitometer and ensure proper viscosity is maintained throughout run.

  • Review press sheets for color consistency and print quality.

  • Maintain the shop floor ink inventory system.

  • Keep the ink room clean, neat and organized.

  • Keep the necessary solvents supplied in the solvent storage area in the ink room.

  • Run the solvent recovery unit. Keep the area clean, neat and organized.

  • Remove all empty drums to the storage area.

  • Maintain the waste drums by sealing and weighing them. Place the proper label on them and remove them from the press room.

  • Operate within standard operating procedures (SOPs).

  • Ensure a clean and safe work area.

  • Complete production paperwork.

  • Train new associates.

  • Other duties as assigned by Shift Supervisor or Production Manager.

  • Be available to cover absences within the department as requested by management.

    SQF / Food Safety Responsibilities

  • Assure compliance with all SQF Procedure requirements

  • Assure compliance with all GMP requirements

  • Assure compliance with all 5S procedures and requirements

  • Assure all products are manufactured in a safe, quality manner

  • Assure compliance with all customer specifications

  • Promote and enforce compliance with all employees