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Press Assistant

Reports To: Press Operator

Back-up Position: Press Supervisor

Essential Duties

  • Assist in the setting up a flexographic printing press to print designs on raw material (film, paper, and nonabsorbent) roll stock used for food and non-food packaging.

  • Assist in the setup and operation of the defect detection system and color monitoring equipment.

  • Read entire job jacket used in the manufacture process to ensure the setup and operation for order is correct.

  • Stage all necessary components such as setup film, sleeves, anilox rollers, inks, cores & production film prior to the next order being completed.

  • Ensure raw materials are correct and orientated to print on the correct surface of material.

  • Verify all production rolls are properly labeled and documented.

  • Check printed copy and color against the approved sample proof for the job.

  • Maintain ink viscosity throughout run.

  • Responsible for quality control.

  • Ensure a clean and safe work area.

  • Ensure the press and ink enclosures are clean and orderly

  • Optimize safety (food and workplace), quality, yield, and productivity

  • Train new associates.

  • Manipulate WIP and raw material rolls in excess of 1000 lbs. using material handling equipment.

  • Lifting, up to but not exceeding, 50 lbs.

  • Perform any additional production duties assigned.

  • Be available to cover absences within the department as requested by management.

 SQF/Food Safety Responsibilities

  • Assure compliance with all SQF Procedure requirements

  • Assure compliance with all GMP requirements

  • Assure compliance with all 5S procedures and requirements

  • Assure all products are manufactured in a safe, quality manner

  • Assure compliance with all customer specifications

  • Promote and enforce compliance with all employees

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