Printing Capabilities

  • 10-Color flexogaphic printing
  • 7 Color extended gamut
  • 4 Color Kodak Flexcel high resolution process
  • Registered over-lacquer varnish

Solventless Adhesive Laminations

  • Sustainable 100% solids solventless adhesive laminations (SAL)
  • 2 part epoxy glue to bond layers of packaging film
  • Improved functionality, machinability 


  • High speed duplex slitters 3” to 55” widths
  • Flat & pristine roll profile
  • Recycled edge trim

Bag Making

  • Pre-made bags
  • Closure / enhancements

Graphics & Prepress

  • Art development
  • Separations
  • In-house plate making


Overwraps Flexibles is dedicated to maintaining strategic partnerships with our raw material suppliers.
Our management team has more than a combined one hundred years of experience building and managing polyethylene and polypropylene manufacturing companies. Overwraps’ extensive knowledge and partnerships will be a valuable asset to your company.

Poly Propylene (PP)

  • Oriented Polypropylene (OPP)
  • Metalized Oriented Polypropylene (MET OPP)
  • Matte Oriented Polypropylene (Matte OPP)
  • Cast Polypropylene (CPP)



  • Metalized Polyester (MET- PET)
  • Polyvinylidene Chloride (PVDC PET)


Polyethylene (PE)

  • LDPE
  • Valeron
  • Mineral Film
  • Multi-Layer Coextruded Film
  • Metalocene, EVA, Plastomers, Surlin


  • Natural & Bleach Kraft Paper
  • Clay Coated Paper (PE Coated Paper)




Customer Support (CSRs) – Overwraps delivers customer specific, tailored service. We assign a Customer Service Representative and back-up Reps to each of our customers.  Like you, we value communication and responsiveness and we believe it is critical to building a lasting relationship.

Field Technical Support – Overwraps can provide Field Tech Support and Packaging Equipment Maintenance Programs to optimize productivity at the interface of film and equipment.  Our ongoing support programs ensure film and equipment are optimally matched and packaging systems are well maintained and calibrated.

Press Approvals – We welcome your team to our facility for press approvals on new items. Overwraps press supervisors will make sure you love the finished product. 

Graphics & Prepress Support – Our full service graphics and prepress department provide you with the benefits of better consistency ,quicker turn around on graphics and press friendly designs that guarantee optimum print. Click here to find out about Graphics & Prepress Services



Overwraps Flexibles maintains a fully equipped lab staffed 24/7 with experienced QC Technicians.  We measure Dimensions & Weight, Color Density & Color Hue, COF, Tensile Strength, Seal Properties, and Retained Solvents (gas chromatograph).    We continuously improve our process and products through ongoing reporting systems and employee engagement. 

Overwraps has been SQF Level 3 certified since 2010. We are committed to producing quality food grade packaging.  We adhere to industry Quality Assurance Principles and Good Manufacturing Practices allowing us to meet or exceed customer expectations in the products we supply. Our team of highly trained and motivated associates works daily to deliver the highest quality products to our customers.